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'We-Love-Gadgets' of the day!

Official Dark Knight Rises Flash Drive  

"The drive has a removable Batman head, which looks like Christian Bale, with 16 GB of storage inside. The eyes of the Batman head glow blue when it’s plugged into a USB port.
The chest bust also plugs into USB port and acts as a USB hub to hold the flash drive when it’s not in use.”

Since it’s an officially licensed collectible it’s not exactly cheap at $86.99.


'Geeks-R-Sexy' of the day!

Sexy Bane Cosplay

Rule 63 Bane. Designed, created and worn by Nicole Marie Jean.
Mask, vest and arm brace made completely from scratch.
Follow the progress and other costume work at:

Photographer is John T. Riley. Check out his work at:

By nicolejeancosplay []

(Source: comicbookcosplay)