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'Toys-4-Us' of the day!

Papercraft Eva Unit 01

The Human Instrumentality Project couldn’t engineer this amazing papercraft if they tried. Yes, it transforms into that tank, and yes, that’s an RX-78 in the background. Blasphemy! I kid - I love both Evangelion and Gundam (UC Gundam, that is).

Source: Wonder via NOTCOT


- Sharp SH-06D NERVThe new Evangelion cell -

After SH-06A NERV,  the first launched cell based on the anime Evangelion, that sold out in record timeNTT DoCoMo has revealed at Anime Expo Contents (ACE) that now it will be launched the new version of the phone, the Sharp SH-06D NERV

The Sharp SH-06D NERV has a 4.5-inch display 720p, a dual-core processor1.2GHz and 512MB of RAM. The system is a modified version of Android 2.3.

The device will be launched in June 2012 and will come with 3D versions of Evangelion movies and will also be sold in lots of limited quantities. 
Yeah, i know…you have your eyes tearing rainbows too…