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    STORY BY: Brian Michael Bendis

    ART BY: Ed McGuinness

    COVER BY: Ed McGuinness

    PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics

    RELEASE DATE: Wed, September 24th, 2014

    This September, the truth behind Nova, Star-Lord and Thanos’ disappearance continues in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #19 – a tie-in to Original Sin! New York Times-bestselling creators Brian Michael Bendis and Ed McGuinness bring you the answers fans have been craving –what happened to Richard Rider?! Trapped in a nightmare universe, Star-Lord and Nova fought valiantly against the might of Thanos. Peter Quill and Thanos mysteriously returned without explanation – Nova did not. The true story of their hellish imprisonment has never been told – until today! Gamora demands answers, and she won’t stop until she finds out what happened in the Cancerverse! What pact did Star-Lord make with Thanos to escape such imprisonment? Where is Nova? Find out when the story that has the whole comic industry talking continues in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #19!

    (Source: comicbookresources.com)


    STORY BY: Rick Remender

    ART BY: Adam Kubert

    COVER BY: Jim Cheung, Gabriele Dell’otto, Skottie Young, [more…]

    PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics

    COVER PRICE: $3.99

    RELEASE DATE: Wed, October 8th, 2014

    This October, the Marvel Universe prepares for the biggest battle its ever faced, and today Marvel is proud to present your very first look inside the highly anticipated AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #1! Blockbuster writer Rick Remender is joined by the star-studded artist line up of Adam Kubert, Leinil Yu, Terry Dodson and Jim Cheung for an epic conflict that will require the Avengers and the X-Men to stand together like never before!
    From the ashes of Avengers vs. X-Men, rises a new threat. the Red Skull – a monstrous force of evil, now possesses the extraordinary mutant gifts of the late Charles Xavier. Exploiting the powers of the world’s most powerful telepath, he has amassed an army and broadcasts his message of hate across the globe. Residing in the once proud Mutant nation of Genosha, he has enslaved thousands of mutants in his bid for world domination.
    “This is the big one,” says Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso. “Super hero comics at their biggest and boldest. With the powers of Charles Xavier, the Red Skull is the biggest, baddest villain in the Marvel Universe. Rick’s story is massive and will touch all corners of the Marvel Universe in new and interesting ways.”
    All that stands in the Red Skull’s path is the fragile alliance of Avengers and X-Men. Even united, they may not be enough to stem the coming darkness. Earth’s last hope hinges on these fractured squads fighting as one. But as the Age if Inversion looms upon us – have they already lost?
    There’s a fine line between good & evil. Find out how thin as the battle commences in AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #1!
    Plus, before Avengers & X-Men: AXIS kicks off, follow the events leading up to the blockbuster comic event of the year with Avengers & X-Men: AXIS – The Story So Far. Relive the war between Avengers and X-Men over the Phoenix Force, the Avengers Unity Squad’s first battle with the Red Skull in the pages of Uncanny Avengers and more.

    (Source: comicbookresources.com)


    STORY BY: Sam Humphries

    ART BY: Paco Medina

    COVER BY: Paco Medina, Dustin Nguyen

    PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics

    COVER PRICE: $3.99

    RELEASE DATE: Wed, September 3rd, 2014

    Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look at LEGENDARY STAR-LORD #3 – the next issue in the hit new series from the fan-favorite creative team of Sam Humphries & Paco Medina! On the run across the cosmos – Peter Quill has landed in the clutches of the Badoon! Not really a great showing for the legendary space outlaw. Not to mention sharing a cell with a Spartax criminal and a Badoon child are not his idea of a good time. Luckily Peter’s got an ace up his sleeve – and her name is Kitty Pryde! But how? She’s on Earth! Wait and see, True Believer! Plus – who is the mysterious crime boss known as Mr. Knife and what does he want with the Legendary Star-Lord? Strap in and blast off for another out of this world issue when LEGENDARY STAR-LORD #3 hits comic shops and digital devices this September!

    (Source: comicbookresources.com)


    STORY BY: Jason Aaron

    ART BY: Esad Ribic, Simon Bisley, RM Guera

    COVER BY: Esad Ribic, Simon Bisley, RM Guera, [more…]

    PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics

    COVER PRICE: $4.99

    RELEASE DATE: Wed, September 17th, 2014

    On a bellow of thunder and the crack of lightning comes the Thunder God, one last time! Today, Marvel is proud to present your first look at THOR: GOD OF THUNDER #25, the oversized final issue from New York Times Bestselling writer Jason Aaron as he assembles a bevy of the industry’s greatest artists for a titanic tale that should not be missed! Witness new stories of the Thor from each era as well as the untold origin of one of the God of Thunder’s greatest foes! Plus, before THOR #1 hits in October, be there when the new Thor makes her thunderous first appearance inside this epic, oversized issue!
    First, it’s Young Thor vs. the Frost Giants as Jason Aaron and artist Simon Bisley (2000 AD) tell you a tale the brash, youthful God of Thunder as he wields his enchanted battle axe Jarnbjorn against the worst Jotunheim has to offer! Then, Aaron reteams with his artistic collaborator from Scalped, R.M. Guera, to bring you the blood-soaked origins of one of the God of Thunder’s most maniacal villains – Malekith the Accursed! Witness the untold origin of the ruler of the Dark Elves as he cuts a bloody swath across the Ten Realms in his rise to power and prominence!
    Finally, as the Thor of today deals with the startling fallout of Original Sin, fast forward to the future as Aaron and blockbuster Thor: God of Thunder artist Esad Ribic bring you a new tale of King Thor and the Girls of Thunder. Deep in the halls of Asgard, Thor’s granddaughters have uncovered a startling secret chapter of Thor’s past. A secret long since buried. Who is the new God of Thunder and why was her existence kept secret?
    Be there when one chapter in the God of Thunder’s life reaches its end…and another begins. No fan can afford to miss out on the epic, oversized THOR: GOD OF THUNDER #25 when it thunders its way into comic shops and onto digital devices this September!

    (Source: comicbookresources.com)


    STORY BY: Ales Kot

    ART BY: Michael Walsh

    COLORS BY: Matthew Wilson

    LETTERS BY: VC - Clayton Cowles

    COVER BY: Tradd Moore, Matthew Wilson

    PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics

    COVER PRICE: $3.99

    RELEASE DATE: Wed, August 20th, 2014





    (Source: comicbookresources.com)


    STORY BY: Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn

    ART BY: Scott Koblish

    COVER BY: Mark Brooks

    PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics

    RELEASE DATE: Wed, September 10th, 2014

    The 90’s – a simpler time. When the action was extreme and pouches were really in style. Today, Marvel is proud to present your first 90s fueled look at DEADPOOL #34 – a tie-in to Original Sin! Chart topping writers Brian Posehn & Gerry Duggan along with artist Scott Koblish bring the truth about Deadpool’s past to light as the Merc With a Mouth’s Original Sin adventure comes to its Earth-shattering conclusion! See the darkest secrets of Deadpool’s past first hand as we flashback to the glory days of 90s comics. Guest-starring the biggest comic stars of the 1990s – 90s Sabretooth, 90s Alpha Flight and 90s artwork!

    Plus, what 90s comic would be complete without a special cover treatment? Don’t miss the special 3D (Dashingly Dancing Deadpool) motion variant cover by artist Mark Brooks when DEADPOOL #34 hits comic shops in September!

    (Source: comicbookresources.com)


    Hawkeye Shirts Will Benefit Signing Time Foundation

    Matt Fraction’s critically acclaimed Hawkeye series isn’t really stopping in its momentum of being one of the best solo Marvel titles ever created. Now there’s a t-shirt to show your love for the title, as well as the love of others, thanks to WeLoveFine.com. This shirt features sign language in reference to Hawkeye issue #19 and will be sold to benefit the Signing Time Foundation, which aims to make sign language a fun activity that’s also very accessible for deaf children.

    The shirt is $25 and available in purple and black in both men and women sizes. If you haven’t already read Hawkeye, I suggest you do, as it’s one of the finest comics out there at the moment.

    CHECK IT: More Hawkeye on Albotas
    BUY: Hawkeye Vol. 1


    STORY BY:  Brian Michael Bendis

    ART BY: Chris Bachalo

    COVER BY: Chris Bachalo

    PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics

    COVER PRICE: $3.99

    RELEASE DATE: Wed, September 3rd, 2014

    This September, the secrets of the greatest champion for mutant/human relations come to light in the oversized UNCANNY X-MEN #25 – the shocking finale of The Last Will & Testament of Charles Xavier! Superstar creators Brian Michael Bendis & Chris Bachalo unearth a devastating secret of their former mentor that will send shockwaves through both camps of X-Men! What has Xavier been hiding? A mutant so powerful their very existence was a threat to mutant’s way of life. A destructive force so powerful they would’ve wiped out any chance of a peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants. An unstoppable power now unleashed in the wake of Xavier’s death! Against such overwhelming power, the splintered squads of X-Men must unite if they have any hope of stopping it. And the story of how it came to be will cast a new light on their beloved teacher – and the depths he would go to protect mutant/human relations. Witness Xavier’s final “gift” to his children, but will it be their undoing? Find out when The Last Will & Testament of Charles Xavier comes to its staggering conclusion in UNCANNY X-MEN #25!

    (Source: comicbookresources.com)


    STORY BY: Charles Soule

    ART BY: Steve McNiven

    COVER BY: Steve McNiven

    PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics

    RELEASE DATE: Wed, September 3rd, 2014

    Left without his mutant healing factor, his enemies now close in for the kill – and the Wolverine faces his greatest battle alone. A battle he will not return from. After a century of being the best there is at what he does, the day has arrived where his best will not be good enough.
    With no X-Men or Avengers to help him, he’ll square off against Lady Deathstrike, Sabretooth and more of his deadliest enemies! Each one inching him one step closer to death than the last. But one foe in particular is prepared to strike the final blow. An old enemy with the deepest of ties to Wolverine’s past has returned. Lurking in the shadows, their master plan to end the Wolverine has been set in motion – and there’s no stopping it!

    For a closer look at Steve McNiven’s process, check out CBR’s exclusive first look at Jay Leisten’s inks on the same pages.

    (Source: comicbookresources.com)


    PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics

    COVER PRICE: $3.99

    RELEASE DATE: Wed, July 9th, 2014

    • It’s the beginning of the end for Wolverine!

    • Logan comes clean to his old friends as Sabretooth marks Wolverine’s new love Pinch for death!

    • Pete Woods (Detective Comics) joins Paul Cornell as Logan enters his most dire hour!

    (Source: comicbookresources.com)

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