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    Next Playstation Coming In 2013 ?! (Rumor)

    "There have been plenty of leaks, whispers and rumors about the next Xbox for a few months now, but there hasn’t been a lot of talk about Sony’s plans for the next generation. ”

     - Kotaku, though, claims to have uncovered some inside information about the next Playstation:

    • "Citing a single anonymous source, Kotaku says it believes the code name for the next PlayStation is “Orbis.” And while the next console from Sony is widely expected to be called PlayStation 4 when it hits shelves, the site infers that Orbis might be the system’s final name.”
    • "Whatever it’s called, Kotaku says we can expect to see it released in the holiday period of 2013”

    Read the full article Here !!!

    Source: http://www.otakusandgeeks.com