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  • Skyrim + Cyberith Vistualizer + Oculus Rift + Wii Mote = Full VR Game Immersion [Video]

    This man uses the Cyberith Vistualizer, an omnidirectional treadmill that acts like a game controller, along with a Oculus Rift and a Wii Mote to fully immerse himself in the world of Skyrim,


    You can also read more about the Cyberith Vistualizer by checking out the device’s website right HERE.

    (Source: geeksaresexy.net)

    'We-Love-Gadgets' of the day!

    Couples Using Virtual Reality To Briefly Switch Genders

    "This is a video from the art installation The Machine to be Another featuring pairs of opposite sex participants wearing virtual reality headsets and going through a series of movements simultaneously while viewing the other’s perspective. So if I’m a guy looking down and rubbing my boobs, I see the female’s perspective of her doing the same thing, and she mine.”

    Video HERE! (Note: The Video found in this link is NSFW!)

    (Source: geekologie.com)

    'We-Love-Gadgets' of the day!

    This Phone Lets You Send Smells, Not Texts

    "Full-sensory correspondence is still a long way off. We’re just now beginning to explore how powerful virtual touch could be in connecting with each other. But there’s one sense that’s been notoriously missing from the landscape: smell. “When you think about how important the olfactive is in almost every type of communication, its absence in global communication is sort of astounding,” says David Edwards.
    Edwards is the always-buzzing mind behind Le Laboratoire, the Paris innovation tank and research facility that brought us Wikipearls and Le Whaf. The group’s most recent invention, the oPhone, is aiming to make olfactory communication commonplace by transmitting odors much in the same way you send text messages”

    To see what im talking about in this article check out this video to understand how this product works.

    (Source: Wired)

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