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  • 'Toys-4-Us' of the day!

    The Avengers - Hot Toys Iron Man Action Figure

    Hot Toys, collectible toy manufacturer has just unveiled their Avenger Iron Man Mark VIII action figure, and it’s awesome!” 

    This is my favourite!!!

    Click here to see Nick Fury
    Here to see Hawkeye
    Here to see Captain America
    Here for Thor
    Here for Loki 
    Here for Black Widow 
    Here to see Iron Man Mark VI 

    All we have left in the series is The Hulk!

    (Source: geektyrant.com)

    'Toys-4-Us' of the day!

    Be@rbricks Avengers

    Medicom Toy is dropping this Avengers Assemble special edition set featuring 100% Be@rbrick versions of Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America on June 30th. Hopefully they do a follw-up with Hawkeye, Black Widow, Nick Fury, and Loki later down the line.”

    (Source: albotas.com)

    'Fatal-Error' of the day!

    Man Who Cosplays Hulk Is Stuck Being Green

    'There’s a certain expectation when you use body paint that it will wash off once you’re ready to be your normal self. Yeah, you might want to test that in an inconspicuous spot before you turn yourself into the Hulk. That’s what happened to this poor guy when he painted himself green for fun to run in a local race. He’s learning the hard way that it’s not easy being green.’

    (Source: fashionablygeek.com)

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