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  • Beautiful Batman Coffee Table

    These beautiful batman coffee table was made by artist Charles Lushear from Bohemian Workbench.
    Bohemian Workbench has plenty of other great stuff available at their Etsy store though, including a few NES controller tables that would look totally dashing in my living room.

    [Bohemian Workbench | Via TA]

    (Source: geeksaresexy.net)

    Project: Sketchcups

    San Francisco-based design professor Miguel Cardona is selling his custom-drawn paper cups at Café Sophie for US$20 a piece to benefit Project Night Night, a charity that donates baby blankets, books, and toys to children in homeless shelters.  

    (Source: geekartgallery.blogspot.pt)

    'Game-On' of the day!

    320x240 Pixel Screenshot of Doom Remastered Into 9600x7211 Pixel Work of Art

    Deviant Art
    user Elemental79 has created one of the coolest photoshop remasters EVER.
    The author decided to open a 320x240 pixel screenshot of the original Doom PC game and convert it into a colossal 9600x7211 pixel image, that includes lighting, textures, and 3D effects. 

    The author says that “each frame represents ten seconds of work. […] The project took 35 hours to complete over the course of 8 days.”

    The image is also stored as 7 PSD files in total. View the full size image here

    Check out also a time lapse video of this crazy piece being created HERE!

    (Source: albotas.com)

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