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Still the most beautiful Game Boy ever ⊟

We featured this design a month ago before it was assembled, but I’m sharing the custom Game Boy again since it’s all put together and absolutely gorgeous.

I really hope Georgina and Stardriver make and sell more of these — chiptune artist Trey Frey already claimed this unit and integrated it into his setup.

BUY Game Boy games, upcoming releases

(Source:, via sogeekchic)

Beautiful Batman Coffee Table

These beautiful batman coffee table was made by artist Charles Lushear from Bohemian Workbench.
Bohemian Workbench has plenty of other great stuff available at their Etsy store though, including a few NES controller tables that would look totally dashing in my living room.

[Bohemian Workbench | Via TA]


Project: Sketchcups

San Francisco-based design professor Miguel Cardona is selling his custom-drawn paper cups at Café Sophie for US$20 a piece to benefit Project Night Night, a charity that donates baby blankets, books, and toys to children in homeless shelters.