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    New clip/trailer From The Amazing Spider-Man 2!

    "This clip centers around the rise of Electro and shows us what kind of damage he will inflict on the city. It includes a good amount of new cool footage from the movie that I’m sure fans will enjoy! This sequel looks like it’s going to be awesome! It comes out on May 2nd, 2014.”

    Check out the clip/trailer HERE!

    (Source: geektyrant.com)

    'We-Watch' of the day! 

    The Wolverine News

    " After numerous delays, shooting on The Wolverine will finally begin later this week.  The production will be shooting the sound-stage work in Australia, and shooting on-location in Japan.  There will be a lot of local Japanese talent in the movie, and that casting will begin next month. Yesterday, speaking to his fans on Twitter, star Hugh Jackman said shooting in Australia will begin in August. “

    (Source: collider.com)