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    "But there’s a catch: it isn’t real. Too bad.

    Sure, Nintendo could just put the DS back-catalog on the eShop, but there’s all kinds of legal licensing hoopla associated with that. It’s a shame Nintendo would probably never put out an awesome little device like this since it could potentially hurt the sales of their handhelds.

    But then again, they DID come out with Super Game Boy and the GBA Player for GameCube, so maybe there is hope.”

    (Source: albotas.com)

     ’Game-On’ of the day!

    Turtle Beach Reveals Nintendo Wii U Headsets

    "Want a headset for that Wii U you pre-ordered? Well, it looks like Turtle Beach has you covered. Yesterday, at TGS 2012 they revealed two Wii U specific headsets featuring stereo audio and microphones that will plug directly into the GamePad controller.
    Created in collaboration with Nintendo, the EarForce NLa features in-line volume control and noise-isolating ear cushions to block out distractions and they will be available in black or white color schemes. For Nintendo gamers on the move, the headset will also be compatible with Nintendo 3DS and DS handhelds.”

    Nintendo Wii U headsets will be available later this year. ($35- $50.) 

    (Source: multiplayerblog.mtv.com)

    'We-Love-Gadgets' of the day!

    Retrode 2: A Retro Gaming Adapter For PCs

    " It’s a little box that allows you to attach real Nintendo Super NES and Sega Genesis cartridges and controllers to your computer.

    Once everything is hooked up, you can access the program ROM and SRAM (for game saves) on the cartridges using an emulator. A maximum of 2 Genesis and 2 SNES controllers can be connected at once — you can even use all four controllers at the same time for some wicked multi-player action. You don’t even need cartridges to play if you already have ROM images loaded onto your PC.”

    (Source: retrothing.com)

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